Friday, March 28, 2014


A husband/wife, children, a white picket fence, with Saturday BBQ's, Friday Fish Fry's, Sunday dinners, and Family Nights with school plays, and babies, cute tasty babies running around; Family.  I would have waited for you if we could have had that.  I would have waited a life time if we could have had it together.

Someone either loves me but doesn't want to be a father to "someone else's child" or can't be a step parent.  Or is emotionally abusive and screwed up, or is just a fling, or has no idea how to love but could give me everything I wanted, but would always cheat on me, or is already married and I'm just finding out, or is using me to cheat on someone else, man I've been through the ringer.  Yet you.  You get me in every way.  We never yell when we fight, we don't even fight when we disagree.  You could be the step-dad, but you don't want a family nor more children.  Three years total and that's that.

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