Friday, September 12, 2014

Cooking Classes and Dancing Lessons

I've been wanting to take cooking classes and dancing lessons for many, many years now.  I've decided to go for it.  Instead of just eying all of those community courses in the local paper, why not sign up for them?  I'd like to learn how to gut a fish properly (Grandpa said it was man's work so I never got a chance when we went fishing).  I'd like to learn better knife skills and how to prep meals throughout the week, as I work to support Emily, time is difficult.

I've wanted to go dancing and learn how to be a better dancer for well over 10 years.  People always say, hey, that's a great idea.  Boyfriends generally agree with the idea of it, but actually attending, well.  Let's just say, I've wanted to do this for ten years and I have yet to have a partner actually make a date and keep it.  So screw it.  It's E and Me against the world, I can do this on my own.

I'm on my own, as a single parent, I can do anything, right?  As much as I'd love to have a partner, I can accept reality and do everything I said I've always wanted to do.

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