Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Night Hike

Tonight, the moon is shining bright.  After we got home and the sun set, the moon was shining bright in the sky.  I had a thought, a night hike would be fun!  She put all of her homework away, got her backpack ready for school, I found my headlamp and off we were around the neighborhood!

We walked, roughly, a little less than half a mile out and looked down on the little city below with the moon shining bright.  It was really nice to be able to spend that time with E.  I got to learn about all of her friends more and how she's been getting into a bit of trouble at school (school hasn't been telling me, tisk, tisk).  Yet, good to know, and good to talk to her about her responsbilities.

She 'informed' me about how math and reading are the most important subjects and how they were her favorites.  I talked with her about how, yes, they are important, but that I disagree that they are the most important.  I feel that recess and art are the two most important.  You easily use reading and math in both of those areas, but that without creativity, nature, and human interaction, you can easily become bored and discouraged from any subject.  That there is a balance.

I am always amazed by how she continues to grow and change.  I am a lucky mom to have her as my daughter.

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