Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I went to a campsite where I spent most of my childhood.  It was over a decade since I had been there and it was a powerful experience.  It reaffirmed in me all of the things of who I want to be when I grow up, how I have changed and who I want to show my daughter that she can be.

It was a wonderful experience one that I'll always cherish.  I met many other women there that had similar experiences.  It was wonderful to share and to go back to a part of my life that I loved.  It was my entire life prior to E.  My life before E was a very busy lift in camping and the outdoors.  I wasn't able to go back, kept making excuses.  Finally, I signed up and went up.

I found the community of people with common goals that I grew to love when I was young, a 'family' in it's own right.  I felt at home, something I had only felt with one person previously.  I felt whole.  I can't even express the emotional experience of how lost I was as a child and how going there saved my life.  It saved me and it is wonderful for it to still be there after all of these years, with women in their early twenties all the way up to their 90s.

I may have wanted more and rather expected more from JH, but at least it's great to know that there's something more special to me that I can enjoy right now.

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