Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Stress: Evening in the ER

E went to a birthday party and after much fun, we spent the evening in the ER awaiting our turn to be helped.  She got three stitches on her chinny-chin-chin, much to our chagrin.  I am happy that she wasn't in pain and that she was my brave little girl.  It started hurting her today, but it should heal up just fine.  If it were in any other spot, we could have butterflied the wound close, but since it was on an area of skin that kept pulling it open, we needed stitches.

Also, it was a small cut, I felt in my heart of hearts the first time of my own sexism coming out.  It shocked me a bit.  I feel that I'm fairly equal in how I view boys and girls, but I was worried about a scar on her face.  She is a girl and albeit she isn't a girly girl, neither am I, but that, she might be when she is older and scars, in our culture, are okay on boys but could also be a reason to be teased as a girl.  I didn't want that for her.  It was interesting to make a mental note of my internal beliefs on how I might handle this differently had she been a boy.

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