Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something Amazing

An organization donated 6 bikes to the school in the grade that E is in. She was nominated and tomorrow morning, she will be honored and surely surprised as one of the children that has earned that privilege.

I will be volunteering in the morning in her classroom and will be there for the special assembly. She has no idea and I couldn't be more proud of her along with the gratitude towards the school.

However, at the same time, she has wanted a bike for a very long time. She grew out of her bike a few years ago. I have saved up and on her Santa list was a bike. Well, black Friday has come and gone and a bike is hiding out somewhere, awaiting for Santa to come by and put under a beautiful tree.

The anxiety of now not being ready for Christmas is quite high at the moment. I figure we will see this bike at the assembly and go from there before Santa, ahem, sends it back.

Too many emotions this wonderful month.  We have an apartment in our new community and we move soon enough. It's a lot, a lot of changes. I just thought Santa had his act together, but wonderful people make wonderful decisions and you adjust. I have only amazing emotions and a little time to get ready. I'll make it happen. I'm proud of her doing well in school.

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