Thursday, February 5, 2015


The room is airy and dark after a long quiet day alone. Now the intruders stand alongside each wall, hoping for the other to make the first contact. She eyes him speculatively, while he sizes her up in wonder of the approach.

She begins to instruct him in an attempt to breathe some air into the stuffy apartment. He removes his shoes, scattering them as he steps ever closer to his mark. He begins to remove his shirt, schlepping it on the ground, creating bread crumbs from hence he came.

She wraps a cloth around his face, moving ever so quickly out of his wanting touch. He listens to her every word, hanging on for fear that she will cast him out. He is ever intent on her instructions as she traces her nails alongside his torso and across his back.

His breathing heightens, sweat trickles around her fingers as his heart begins to pump harder in his chest. She places his hand on her chin, the other on her stomach. He pulls her towards him, his torso feeling her breathing through the shirt of her back.

The smell up her neck intoxicates his senses. The feeling of her breath arouses a need deep within that begins to force its way out of them. His senses explore her skin without ever a light to shine on her form. He breathes her in as he tastes her for the first time. The hands control her riggling frame while pushing ever closer to fill her need of control and release.

He locates his moment, shining freedom to his dulled sense. Taking in the sight of her laughter, he touches her lips pulling her into his mouth. He presses his hips against her body, pinning her form. Keeping her still so he can take a moment to decern a way to fill his desire. Born from her. His ever pressing desire, filling her need.

They still, taking in one another, choking on the foreign touch exploring their topographies.

He relaxes his hold and she adapts, moving him, to control the touch and taste. The movements begin to form from two to one, harmoniously connecting the desire and need in each of them, billowing out until he must feel her bending body and limbs, until she can handle no more and he releases his newly formed grip.

The sense of cheer and laughter warm the once dreary landscape of the room, engulfing a sense of wonder and relaxation into the air. The senses begin to explore again, tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing and touching in a less rushed and nerveracking pace as before. The laughter and rhythm of events continue on into the twilight.

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Karina said...

Great writing piece.