Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Life

My boss, the CEO of the company I now work for, brought me into his office yesterday morning, I teared up I was so touched by his comments.  He truly cares about his employees, he treats everyone of us as family, which means, it can be dysfunctional at times, but truly cares.  He asked me how things were going and that it would be a good idea to start getting out because if you don't you won't meet people, look at me, I haven't ever married and never will.  He was born in 1925.

He has seen me with my daughter as I have had to bring her to work due to cancelled school.  I always worry whether I'm a good enough mother, whether the decisions I make are correct.  He has seen me with her and wanted me to know that he can tell that E loves me because no child would sit for eight hours entertaining herself if she didn't, so that I could get my work done.  That I've done a good job as a mother but that it's also a good idea to get out there and to make friends.

He invited me to his church, and though it is not a church for my family, it's a bit too much, but everyone is different anyhoo, he just wanted to extend a hand to join a community.  It is very kind.  There aren't too many people that truly care and I've had very few bosses that have truly given a damn when it comes to making time for E, that it doesn't matter, you still need to show up to work and they don't care.  It's YOUR problem to figure out rather than putting family first.

It touched me and in writing this it is bringing me to tears, but I will hold them back, for now.  My gratitude for this opportunity has meant more to me than most will ever truly realize.  I feel like I can live my life, I'm not stuck just trying to get by, I feel like I can breathe again.  Yes, I understand his point, yes I'd enjoy friends, or even sharing my life with someone, but he also doesn't know everything that I've been through and I want some time for me.

I am mingling with a few other moms and looking for some community events for E as she needs it for her development.  I also need to get out there, I just honestly, don't know how.  I feel awkward talking to people, but then again, just jump right in.  What's the worst that can happen?

So I appreciate my boss and his candor.

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