Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Okay, dating. It's time darnit!

Okay, so it's time. The most erotic experience I had recently ed in getting my hair cut. Let me paint thus magical picture for you. Her hands were in my hair, as I lay there. She rubbed the suds of from the shampoo deep info my hair along my scalp, nails pulling on my strands, bringing me to her attention. She trimmed and tussled my strands with her expert hands, gracefully moving around me. She turned on the clippers and they vibrated against the short hairs of my neck, making my skin ache for more.

I miss human contact. I miss the human connection and warmth of the skin on skin contact. I miss feeling a person's smile against my cheek. I miss that. It's time.

I spoke to my ex, wished him a happy birthday. I love him, but I love me more. I'm glad his sister is getting married, finally, she's been with her man for many years. He got a raise, but alas, trading one 80 hour job for another doesn't seem like much of a life to me, but then again, but my problem to cope with anymore. So meh.

I'm very content with my life. Celibacy had not been easy. Anyone that knows me knows I enjoy a rich sexual life, though I've had very few partners. VERY few. JH was number four for me upon our first year together. We did have a long break on that time. It is what it is.

I don't miss the dating game. It's not something I'm very good at, but alas, I miss friendship. Being near a smart, like minded person. So it's time. UGH! I know, I know, ugh. This bull again? Yes, time again.

I haven't had a first date on four years. It was the best first date I've ever had, hands down. I could talk about that date for awhile.... I'm not quite sure whatever happened that caused that one to end, but it did. S*** happens and you have to move on.

Silence is an answer in and of itself. And your ego gets bruised acc you move on. It's weird when that happens. They day oh yeah, I'll call, just busy, don't worry. Pshhh. Us women, especially us single moms, we don't have time for bull, we can pick up on it real fast.

We hold in our pain and pick ourselves up. We have someone that kind of needs us to NOT be depressed. Cuz they need us to feed them, ugh, mommy work ;-).

So time....again. There's a possibility of a date in a week and a half. So, hmmm. A date doesn't mean forever. So fine. I'll agree to a meet up. If the timing doesn't work, still then, sitter gets called and I can still go out with a friend :-).

I wish things could've worked out, but I'm also one-day and happy with how things are now. Everything happens for a reason.

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