Saturday, May 16, 2015


I don't know how I feel about this week.  I was at a conference.  I left early to head out to the conference to visit with my family.  That part was wonderful, but these people.  What they have done.

I was assaulted and pressured into things I just don't do.  An apology the next day doesn't make it okay and because you don't really remember what you did after you had a few drinks, will never make it okay.  Oh and telling your best friend, whom is essentially family, but happens to be the head of HR, makes reporting and dealing with the issue all the more difficult to deal with.

Not to mention a few days later the tech guy that helped with the set up of my presentation at the company sales meeting came to my convention looking for me, to creepily stalk me.  No, not creeped out by that at all in the slightest.

It was altogether the worst experience I've ever had to personally deal with at a work convention before.  I have no idea what I will end of doing when I return, but I cannot take the fact that I was assaulted at a work convention lightly.

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