Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get in Shape, Healthy Living

So, I've been getting used to sitting at a desk all day long.... It's definitely NOT something that I am used to doing.  It's been roughly 6, nearly 7 years, since I've had a desk job and it is by far, odd.  i'm used to a more active lifestyle, as well as working style.

So, I'm on a shtick, I'd say, where-in that I need to actually also work out at home, in order to keep an active life.  I have my old journals as to what works best for my body that was developed with a personal trainer.  I already started today, definitely feel it in my legs.  I plan to look into a Yoga class to help with stretching and form.  It will just be nice to be able to go backpacking and be in shape :).  That's my plan.

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