Monday, July 27, 2015

Netflix and Indie Films

I have Netflix and I've been enjoying it's collection of 'Indie Films' most of which debut at the German Film Festival.  A few of them have truly touched me and I like how they don't have the typical happy endings that, pretty much, every film has.  My two favorites thus far are Freier Fall and Getting Go, the go doc project.

It all started with watching the Netflix series, Sense 8.  I could've sworn I'd seen the German actor before, still cannot recall which film I've seen him in.  Either case, noticed Netflix had one of the film's he's in and watched it.  Then a few other films came up and I began watching them.

What I most enjoy about these two films is how well they showcase the conflict of identity, falling for someone and the innermost struggle of dealing with changing someone, how that just does not happen, how hard it is to express one's own emotions to another.  The Getting Go, the go doc project, the fact that the two actors fell seemingly between acting and authentic documentary truly captured the essence of the film.  If it wasn't for that, I don't think it would have worked.

t was a fairly relatable film.  The awkwardness of an encounter with someone you're attracted to, talking to a person, falling, the obsession, the ultimate betrayal and the attempt of friendship.  They are both beautiful and very well depicted.  I look forward to seeing more of what these actors and directors make over the course of their careers.  So my recommendation is, check out these two films, you will be pleasantly surprised.  If you think my tastes in films isn't yours, well, all I can say is, enjoy something outside of your normal comfort zones.

Any recommendations on films that any of you have seen lately or that resonate with you?

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