Monday, August 10, 2015


The reason I said what I said the other day was due to an interaction between us.  We both have spent some time together, though I've spent most of my vacation time with a variety of other amazing people exploring the town.

The hard part is that with what was said, it didn't break my heart, it felt like I was being stabbed in my soul.  I no longer view him in the same way anymore as I once did.  I view him now as I do any other lover or partner I've ever had.  The special-ness that once existed between us is just gone.  It's a fond memory, many fond memories and that's where they should be.

It's odd to view him the way I do all the others (albeit few, but others exist).  His reaction was tough to process.  He has a lot of things to figure out.  I've made myself very clear on where I want things to be and he needs to just do whatever it is he's going to do.

It was a goodbye.  A final goodbye.

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