Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What do you want?

I was asked that question recently... "what do you want?"  I honestly, I mean, I think I know, I know what I don't want, but what I want?  

I want...
a family
a life with someone
someone with whom makes me feel amazing
someone whom will want to be a parent to E
someone whom will let me be me
someone who loves my weirdness
someone that wants children
someone that I can quarrel with and brings out the best sides of us

I want a life
a life that has meaning
that has a purpose.

I want 
to go to Church on major holidays
someone that will be in the ceremony and 'gets' why it's important to me (whether s/he believes or not)
someone that will work with me on problems
someone that will remember birthdays
someone that cares about my favorite flower

I want
I want a life.
I want moments.

I want someone that won’t give me a hard time for not having time
I want someone that will want to share their life with me.

I want someone that will put the family first and will spend time with the kids

I want someone that I can enjoy my quiet moments
someone that understands the depths of it all.

I want a life and a family; everything that it means and everything that it encompasses.

As you know, I accepted that a family, if it’s just E and me, it’s perfect.  If I want more children, well, I can make it all happen.  

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